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Understanding Online Background Checks with IntegraScan Inc

At IntegraScan Inc, we appreciate the nuanced needs of businesses and individuals seeking comprehensive background information. Our online background check services are designed to cater to a wide array of requirements, ensuring peace of mind through thorough scrutiny. Let us walk you through the various aspects we cover in our detailed reports.

Criminal History

Comprehensive Searches: Our database provides access to a spectrum of criminal records, including felonies, misdemeanors, federal charges, and sex offender registries. Arrest records and civil records such as bankruptcies and tax liens are also meticulously examined to furnish a detailed criminal history.

Employment and Education Verification

  • Employment Verification: We understand the significance of verifying a candidate's employment history. Our checks confirm previous job titles, durations of employment, and the authenticity of the claimed experiences.
  • Education Verification: Confirmation of educational qualifications is key in many hiring processes. We verify degrees, certificates, and the accreditation status of institutions to eliminate any uncertainties regarding a candidate’s educational background.

Credit History and Financial Standing

Insights into Financial Responsibility: Our checks extend to credit histories and financial records, providing insights into an individual's financial responsibility and stability. This includes scanning through records for bankruptcies, tax liens, and any significant financial red flags that could be pertinent to our clients.

Social Media and Online Presence

Understanding the Digital Footprint: In today's digital age, a person’s social media presence can offer valuable insights into their character and lifestyle. Our background checks include an analysis of public social media profiles to assist in painting a comprehensive picture of the individual in question.

Detailed Address History

25-Year Lookback: With a 25-year address history check, we provide an extensive look into the past and present residencies of an individual, flagging any high-risk addresses and verifying Social Security numbers against the Death Index to prevent identity theft.

Driving Records and Drug Testing Results

  • Driving Records: For roles that require driving, we provide in-depth looks into driving histories, including any traffic violations, DUIs, or other relevant incidents.
  • Drug Testing Results: Upon request, we also facilitate drug testing results to ensure compliance with company policies regarding substance use.

Verifications: Professional Licenses and References

  • Professional Licenses: Verification of professional licenses, certificates, and accreditations is fundamental for many positions. We confirm the validity and status of professional licenses to ensure that candidates meet job requirements.
  • Reference Checks: Personal and professional references are contacted to corroborate information provided by candidates, offering further insight into their qualifications and character.

Identity Verification

A Crucial Step: In our commitment to providing accurate and comprehensive reports, verifying the identity of individuals is a crucial first step. This prevents cases of identity theft and ensures the reliability of the information provided in our reports.

At IntegraScan Inc, we pride ourselves on our commitment to accuracy, speed, and customer satisfaction. Our adherence to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB) guarantees that our searches and transactions are secure, upholding the highest standards of confidentiality and privacy. Whether it's for businesses in need of dependable employee screening or individuals seeking peace of mind, our services are tailored to meet a variety of needs. What sets us apart is not just our comprehensive approach to background checks, but the trust and reliability we've cultivated among our clientele, as attested by testimonials from satisfied clients across various industries. Choose IntegraScan for a partner you can trust to deliver detailed and accurate background checks, every time.

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