Instant Criminal Background Check

Instant Criminal Background Check

With the information that is available today there is no reason why a company should hire someone without first getting a background check. An instant criminal background check gives you the details you need in just a few minutes. When you are ready to make an employment offer, don't do it before first finding out everything you can about the person's past.

Tips for Getting a Background Check

When considering an instant criminal background check you should not wait to have it done. It is very easy and affordable. It's also confidential so the person will not be notified that a check has been conducted.

If you find out some questionable information you'll be able to ask the applicant for clarification before hiring. This eliminates the possibility that you'll hire someone with a serious criminal past. If your company provides in-home services to customers it is necessary to complete a check to protect your clients.

Request as many details as you need. Verify name, address, social security number, alias names, criminal background and sex offender check. Information is checked nationally, so you'll be sure to find everything possible.

Accurate and Fast Results

It's important that you get accurate information when you order an instant criminal background check. There are some companies that advertise cheap or free checks. You should always find out about the company before placing an order because you may not be getting adequate results. If you don't you could be putting your company at risk.

Fast results are a necessity in many situations. With just a few clicks on your computer you'll quickly receive a report with the details you're looking for. Most information is available immediately. For example, verification of name, address, criminal and civil actions, bankruptcy, and national sex offender searches are all possible options.

Employment Screening

Employers need to complete an instant criminal background check before hiring an employee. The check can be done to verify employee information and to check for a criminal past. There are other aspects of employee screening that are also necessary.

You'll want to verify that the information the applicant supplied is accurate. You can request verification of the applicant's education, past employment, and professional license verification. These verifications are not instant, but are provided as soon as possible.

At IntegraScan background checks are affordable and fast. You can count on our reliable results for any situation you may have. While others may offer similar checks, they may not be as thorough. Our background checks are always complete and up to date. We offer convenient business accounts for companies who need continuing background check services. When you have a business account you'll be assigned your own customer care representative to handle any questions or concerns.

IntegraScan is a leading background check provider. We offer a wide array of verification options. Many of the checks are done instantly. Business accounts can schedule regular employee verifications to ensure continued compliance. Our online services are personal and all searches are secure. Contact us today to start searching or to open a business account.

Instant Criminal Background Check
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Instant Criminal Background Check
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Instant Criminal Background Check Instant Criminal Background Check