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cyber security Cleveland

cyber security Cleveland

Cybersecurity is one of the more important factors of the internet that most don't pay more attention to. This can be due to the mindset that there aren't threats that could deal with severe damages but that is a narrative that is better corrected before the worst situation of cybercrimes is experienced.
Cybercrimes have been on the rise over the years with virtually all businesses in the united states being exposed to such high-security risks.
So what are some of the security risks that you and your business could face?
There are several threats from cyber crimes that you and your business could face, namely;

1. Fraud and identity theft.
Fraud and identity theft are some of the major cybercrimes any individual or business can face. In the united states, there isn't a general identity card but instead, a social security number that all individuals possess in the sate.
These identity numbers are used for tax purposes, with companies using them to keep track of their employees with schools, financial institutions, and hospitals also such means as well.
In the advent that this social security number is taken possession of by a criminal, they can clone and use for credit card frauds among a foray of other security infringement purposes.
With the present as to how the world functions, getting hands on such information grants the criminal access to about all of the information about the individual in question leaving them wide open to attacks making it one of the more predominant cybersecurity issues faced across the world.

2. Internet purchase fraud.
These types of fraud are planned schemes to defraud consumers over the internet. It usually revolves around redirecting purchase links such that the user thinks they have made the purchase of a product from the vendor but unknowingly may have made payment to the fraudsters account.
This types of fraud often leave the consumer stranded as they are of the light that outright purchase has been made only for them to contact the supplier of the product and get information that their purchase even got through.
This can be a little disheartening to both parties as there is going to be a clear misunderstanding between them.

3. Atm fraud
Computers and the popular automated teller machine (atm) which serves as an electronic means of getting cash by simply making use of a card can also expose users to the potential risks of cybercrimes.
Atm frauds are often as a result of cybercriminals being able to intercept both the data on the magnetic strip of the card as well as the users' pin which results in them having access to such cards and use them in making transactions later on.
These and many more are some of the cybersecurity issues that you and your business could be facing. But then, how do you prevent having to deal with such security breaches?
That is where stealth entry comes in with over a decade delivering top-class quality cybersecurity services in Cleveland, you and your business would be in great hands.
Reach out now at 614-423-9334 or via the toll-free line on 833-423-2927 for further inquiries.

cyber security Cleveland
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cyber security Cleveland cyber security Cleveland