Car Wreck Attorney Charleston

Car Wreck Attorney Charleston

Frank Hartman is a preeminent car wreck attorney in Charleston with an expert witness team, private investigators, and experienced paralegals to help him build a strong claim for his clients. The Hartman Law Firm, LLC, is a reputed and successful attorney office with hundreds of positive reviews and an exceptional track record.

Is seeing a doctor after a car wreck crucial for your injury claim?

After getting hurt in a car wreck, you must see a doctor to determine the severity of your injuries. A licensed and competent physician is the best person to determine if you have sustained any significant injuries in a car crash.

If you choose to file a claim after an accident, you must have evidence that you received medical treatment soon after the car crash. Waiting too long to see a doctor can cause the insurance adjuster to believe that you did not suffer severe injuries in the automobile accident.

Drawbacks to settling right away

After a car wreck, the defendant's insurance adjuster will contact you to get a sign to release any claims you might have. The insurance company will also offer a sum to lure you into signing the release.

However, you should speak to an auto accident injury lawyer before signing anything from the defendant's attorney or insurance company. Wait until you receive complete medical treatment before negotiating a deal with the other driver's lawyer.

How to maximize your reward for a car accident injury?

While dealing with the aftermath of a car crash can be agonizing, receiving the maximum compensation for your losses and injuries can reduce your pain, trauma, and disappointment to some extent. Here are a few tips on how you can maximize your compensation or settlement amount:

  1. Collect evidence - The more groundbreaking the evidence, the higher the compensation. Report your accident to the police, obtain a report from the law enforcement official, take several photos of the accident scene, and maintain a complete record of your treatment documents. Maintain a journal encompassing details of the pain, symptoms, and discomfort you experience.
  2. Get medical treatment - See a treatment provider at the earliest for a comprehensive medical exam. Even if you don't experience any pain immediately after the accident, it is still a good idea to visit a treatment provider to understand the extent of your injuries. Follow your doctor's advice to the T. Failing to follow your doctor's advice can cause the insurance adjuster to believe that your injuries are not severe.
  3. Get a personal injury lawyer - You may lack the ability to assess and evaluate your case objectively immediately after the accident. Speaking to an experienced car accident lawyer can help you learn the actual worth of your claim and allow you to recover the maximum compensation for your lost wages and medical bills. Besides, an attorney can negotiate a hefty settlement for your emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment from the at-fault party.

Your search for the best car accident victims attorney ends here. The Hartman Law Firm, LLC, is a leading injury law firm specializing in car and automobile accidents. Call 843-300-7600 if you suffered significant injuries after a car collision. Our car wreck attorney in Charleston, Frank Hartman, can assess your case, educate you on your legal options, preparing you for what to say and not say to the insurance adjuster. 

Car Wreck Attorney Charleston
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Car Wreck Attorney Charleston Car Wreck Attorney Charleston