Contractor Background Check


Building your dream home is an undeniably exciting time.  It's filled with wonder, with anticipation and with emotion.  However, it can also be filled with trepidation and apprehension, especially if you have concerns about your contractor.  The contractor for your new home is one of the most important people in the mix – the wrong contractor can cause things to go horribly awry.  What can happen if you choose the wrong contractor?

Most people expect a certain amount of cost overrun when building a home.  However, the wrong contractor can send you seriously over budget, through inaccurate estimates and errors in construction.  In addition, the wrong contractor can put you far behind schedule, leading to additional costs, especially if you are renting a place for you and your family to stay during the construction process.  Finally, the wrong contractor can leave you with a dream home that turns into a nightmare – most people have heard horror stories about decks falling, about walls coming down and floors plunging into the basement.

However, if you use a background check to research your possible contractors, you will enjoy the dream home that you want, in the shortest time possible.  You will also learn that the "bottom dollar" option is not always the best.  Through the use of a background check, you can learn how effective and efficient a contractor might be.  You can learn about their education in the field, as well as any complementary education he or she might have received.  Of course, you can also investigate their background, learning about any disasters that might have occurred and even criminal charges that might have been placed.  The contractor on a job where the homeowner was injured could be charged with negligence, at the very least.

A background check can also help you research whether a contractor has the required licenses for the job. Anyone can say they have the permits and licenses, but proof is always a necessity.  With the right research, you can ensure you have a legitimate contractor on your job.

Obviously, using background checks to research your contractor is a wise decision.  Through the proper research, you will find a contractor that meets both your budget and your timeframe, without running the risk of the contractor cutting corners during construction or hiring of subcontractors.  This is the best way to ensure that you have the dream home you anticipate, rather than a horrible experience that leaves you reeling.