Vital Information through Public Records

Public Records Offer Vital Information

More and more consumers, businesses, schools and even nonprofit and youth organizations are finding an increased need for information concerning individuals and businesses. The world has become a frightening place – criminals seem to lurk almost everywhere. In addition, even those without a criminal history can pose a threat to your endeavors. Consider a job applicant with a history of alcoholism or drug use and how, if not caught through the use of public records, that individual might impact your workplace, or even the lives of your children.

To help ensure the utmost information dissemination, the Freedom of Information Act was passed by the federal government. This Act provides consumers, businesses and numerous other entities with access to public records and all the information these records contain. What can public records offer? Why should you make use of these powerful tools? Here, you’ll find a bit of information about what public records can offer you and how they might be of benefit to your life. However, you should first understand what public records actually are.

What Are Public Records?

Public records comprise a wide range of different types of information. For instance, you can find employment history, credit history, criminal records, tax information, information about civil judgments, property ownership documents and an immense amount of other information here. Public records are powerful tools, as mentioned earlier and they can be of use to any number of different people.

These records are generated by everyday actions, such as marriages, divorces, home purchases and more. They are created when any type of information has to be codified and placed into the “system.” As such, you can imagine the immensity of this area.

What Information Can You Locate with Public Records?

While public records can provide a tremendous amount of information, there are certain key areas that seem to be more “in demand” than others. What are these areas? Below, you will find the most commonly searched areas, as well as the benefits that this information provides.

Criminal Records – Criminal records are perhaps the single most searched area of public records. These documents include misdemeanors, felonies, federal charges such as tax evasion and racketeering and much more. These records are of value to numerous different people, for a wide variety of different reasons.

For instance, businesses make use of these public records in conjunction with a credit check during the hiring process. This helps ensure that the business does not hire an employee who turns out to be a security threat. In addition, these public records can be used by parents, which is one of the fastest growing user segments. Parents routinely find that they need greater information about those involved with their children, or even those who come into their home than is generally available outside a criminal record check. These records help ensure that their children, home and even lives remain secure.

Of course, criminal records are also searched by youth organizations, schools, law enforcement agencies and more. As you can see, these public records are of enormous importance and can certainly help ensure greater safety and security for your needs.

Sex Offender Check – Public records also include sex offender information. These types of records can be searched in conjunction with or separate from a standard criminal background check. However, with the increasing number of sex offenders living outside of the US prison system, these public records have become even more important. Why should you make use of a sex offender check?

An excellent instance would be to safeguard your children. While in decades past it might have been safe to allow your children to play outside for long hours, walk to a neighbor’s house unsupervised or even to attend an establishment like the YMCA without supervision, those days are long gone. Today, doing so is an open invitation for a sex offender to snatch your child. By perusing these public records, you can learn how many sex offenders are in your local area, where they live and determine the risk level posed to your child.

Sex offender checks can also be of use to youth organizations, churches, schools, daycare centers and many other organizations interested in increasing the safety of America’s youth.

Property Ownership Search – The question of property ownership can be quite sticky. These types of public records can be of immense value to a wide range of different people. For instance, suppose you wanted to purchase a piece of property, but could not locate the owner. Quite a few property owners live in a different state, today. Through a property ownership search, you could locate the owner and make an offer on the property.

Of course, these public records have other uses, as well. For instance, in numerous instances, consumers who thought they purchased a piece of property free and clear find out that there are others with a claim to the title. This type of search will help ensure that there are no others out there with any claim to the property, or proceeds from the sale of the property. This includes government agencies and creditors with liens on the property, heirs of past owners and many others. As such, these public records can be used by real estate attorneys, title companies and consumers to enormous benefits.

Spouse Search – It’s a sad fact, but the number of spouses that simply vanish, leaving the other spouse to care for children without help or even supplemental income has risen to surprising numbers. These include both fathers and mothers who have abandoned their families without a word. However, by using public records, you can locate your spouse and begin the process of due justice. Through these types of records, you can begin the divorce process, start receiving court ordered child support or alimony payments and more.

As you can see, public records provide numerous people with a wide range of assistance. However, the topics listed above are only a fraction of the uses to which public records can be put. No matter whom you need information about or why, chances are these records can help.