Dating and Public Records


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Dating in this modern day and age can be incredibly difficult.  The increasing pace of your modern lifestyle can leave you with little time for personal interests, much less finding Mr. or Ms. Right.  However, the explosion of online dating websites and the number of dating venues in the physical world does provide some outlets for your quest for love.  The problem here is one of verification – how do you tell if that love interest really is right for you?  How do you tell if they are even who they say they are?

Actually, there is a way that you can ensure that the person you are dating is real.  Public records help you ascertain the truth behind that love interest's identity.  This can be applied whether you are utilizing dating websites or visiting singles bars.  All you need to perform a search is a little bit of information.  Just their first and last name can provide immense results.  You'll also find an incredible amount of information, if the name the person is using is real, of course.  If it's not, you'll quickly be able to verify this fact, as well.

Through the use of public records, you can find out if that guy or gal is married, single, divorced or a widower.  Many people are not upfront about this type of information, knowing it can be viewed negatively.  Others actively lie about their marital status, in order to satisfy some hidden, personal agenda. If you make use of public records, you can ferret out these liars and eliminate them and their agendas from your dating life.

Public records can tell you if someone has been previously married, which can be a tremendous benefit.  Men and women both lie if they have been divorced and feel embarrassed about it.  While this is understandable, to them at least, it can wreak havoc on your life.  What if your plans do not include becoming involved with someone who has "been there, done that" previously?  What if you have no desire to be involved with someone who has already been married once or twice?

Public records can allow you to avoid this pitfall of the dating scene.  In addition, you will find that you can learn a tremendous amount of information about a person.  What if they have a criminal record?  You can use this information to ensure you are dating the "right" person and avoid incredible problems.