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Whether you represent a company hiring employees, are entering the dating pool or are simply concerned about the safety of your family, a criminal record search provides the best way of ensuring that you have the information you require. While a criminal record search has long been considered public domain, finding these records has traditionally been quite difficult.  However, thanks to modern technology, you can find access to the information you need with consummate ease, today.  Where can you conduct a criminal record search?  Right here at IntegraScan!

The key to conducting a criminal record search is to go online.  The Internet has become home to businesses, information aggregates and more.  In accordance with the growing trends, most local governments have made their criminal database information available through the Internet, as well.  You will find that third-party websites offer you immediate access to the information you require, regardless of the reason you need it.  For instance, a quick criminal record search through one of these websites will give you access to records for the indicated person, as well as many other records that can be used to your advantage.

Suppose you were renting out your second home.  Having the home sit empty throughout the year is not a good idea and can incur tremendous costs.  During the current economic conditions, it is essential that you have the income streams you require to maintain your lifestyle and renting that home can be the best way to do just that.  Therefore, you should make use of a criminal record search, as well as other background information to determine if the potential renters applying for your home are of sufficient caliber.  Not using these informational sources is a detrimental act and can leave you with more than just an empty home.

Renting your home out is a delicate matter.  You want to ensure that the person or persons renting the home fit with the neighborhood, have the financial wherewithal to make the rent payments on time and that they do not have a history of criminal behavior.  Criminal records can help you here, as can credit background, education and employment history and even past residence history.  Each of these areas can provide you with vital information about the person in question, allowing you to make the informed decision required to rent that home out and continue to enjoy that secondary income stream.  Public records websites can help you find the information you require.