Criminal Record Searches in Business


Businesses must deal with security risks on a daily basis, from other businesses, from customers, from clients, suppliers and even employees.  However, while some of these risks cannot be controlled, other areas can be minimized by using criminal record search features.  How can businesses make use of criminal record search tools?  Actually, they can be implemented quite easily into a wide variety of different tasks.  In fact, there is no single tool more powerful than criminal records and background checks.  Here are some of the areas where these tools show the most potential.

Employees and Applicants – Obviously, businesses cannot function without employees and the need for new hires arises in all industries, from warehouse situations to Fortune 500 company headquarters. However, employees and job applicants comprise one of the single largest risk factors in any business.  Criminal record search tools can enable a business to ensure that all employees are vetted on a regular basis and that no applicant is hired before their criminal background has been checked.

Take the mailroom as an example.  While the mailroom within a corporate headquarters might be relatively small in size, it contains incredible potential for loss.  For instance, copy machines, postage machines, stock paper and other supplies can be easily used or stolen by employees during the course of a standard business day.  While some of these items are small in scale, it all adds up to huge losses for a business.  However, by utilizing criminal record search tools, a business can ensure that they hire only the most ethical employees.

Yet another area that should be of concern for business owners and managers is that of employee violence. Increasingly, the workplace is the scene of brutal violence on the part of employees.  However, by accessing criminal record search tools, managers and owners can ensure that those employees hired do not have a history of violent behavior.  That said, these searches should be conducted on existing employees, as well.  As an example, if an employee is charged with aggravated assault outside the workplace, the employer usually remains ignorant of this, particularly if it is a first offense.  If that employer conducted ongoing background checks utilizing criminal record search tools, the offense would be known and appropriate steps could be taken, potentially heading off workplace violence in the future.

Vendors and Suppliers – No business can function without numerous vendors and suppliers.  Whether it is a shipment of copy paper for the mailroom or vital parts for the assembly line, there is an incredible need for quality, dedicated vendors and suppliers.  That said, there exists an enormous potential for fraud and other criminal activity within this sphere.  Businesses are advised to use criminal record search tools to vet any potential vendor or supplier prior to doing business with them.

What can a criminal record search reveal about a vendor or supplier?  First, it will show any charges of fraud or theft brought against the vendor.  It will also show any other criminal activity, both convicted and alleged that the vendor or supplier has engendered.  This information can be a valuable tool in ensuring that only beneficial partnerships are formed and that the business is able to grow and flourish without incurring the problems inherent in the situation.

How can vendors and suppliers affect the business in such a way?  First, they can short supply and merchandise shipments.  It can be simple for these shortages to slip through the inventory and check-in process.  Even when it is noticed, the supplier in question might hedge and balk at providing the purchased goods, causing shortages of both materials and cash.  In addition, the vendor or supplier might overcharge on their invoice.  As the accounting department might not be familiar with the promised price for these goods, this can result in overpayment to the vendor in question.  Criminal record search tool can ensure that this situation does not arise.

Warehouse Environments – Warehouses are unique environments in the business world.  An immense amount of valuable merchandise is held in these locations, open to employee and vendor theft, as well as damage and misplacement.  This means that warehouse managers need to ensure that anyone coming into the business does not pose a threat, including employees and others.  The most obvious solution is to use criminal record search tools to help ensure that all employees are vetted on a regular basis, including during the initial hiring phase and during subsequent checks.

However, the warehouse management should also make use of criminal record search tools to investigate suppliers, shippers and others.  In many of these cases, the warehouse company will use a third party transportation company to transport merchandise to outlying locations.  This can result in tremendous losses if the wrong company is chosen.  However, by utilizing modern criminal record search tools, warehouse management can reduce their potential for loss, theft and damage to an amazing extent.

Businesses of all types are advised to make use of criminal record search tools.  However, locating these tools might seem a bit difficult.  Most businesses are familiar with using a local police or sheriff's office to conduct local background checks during the hiring process.  That said, this is not the way to gain access to comprehensive criminal records.  The modern world is an increasingly mobile place, with many people choosing to move from state to state.  This makes local criminal record search solutions outmoded.

A better solution is to use the Internet.  Online criminal record search websites can provide businesses with numerous benefits.  First, they provide access to criminal records on a national scale, rather than on a merely local or even state level.  Second, they provide results within mere minutes, rather than the hours or even days it can take through other methods, such as perusing the records at local courthouses or even using the local sheriff's office.  Of course, not all websites are up to the same standard.  Therefore, it is advised that businesses utilize the most beneficial and accurate criminal record search websites online.