Security from Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks Offer Security and Value

The news is full of horror – even the most basic local TV stations broadcast the crimes that occur every day in cities around the globe. Murders, sex crimes, child abuse, spousal abuse, robbery – the list is endless. The unfortunate fact is that everyday people commit these acts. Those who commit these atrocious crimes do not have signs hung around their neck, making it impossible to distinguish those bent on criminal activity from those who simply want to live a peaceful, happy life. However, criminal background checks can help ensure that you are able to remain both safe and happy.

Obviously, criminal background checks will not help during some of the more heinous situations, such as bombings and terrorist activities. However, these acts are relatively rare in the US; that said, more insidious threats lurk in wait for the unwary. As mentioned, it is almost impossible to distinguish a rapist from a minister. Most criminals are quite adept at hiding their true nature from the world in order to continue with their crimes. You might be on familiar terms with someone who has committed manslaughter; your children might be being taught in school by someone charged with drug trafficking. As you can see, the situation is frightening.

Criminal background checks can help increase the amount of security that you enjoy and they can provide tremendous value, as well. For instance, consider the number of homeowners today installing burglar alarms within their treasured homes. These systems are designed to keep intruders out through blaring loud alarms and alerting authorities to their presence. However, the fact remains that most crimes occurring in American homes are committed by family members, friends and acquaintances. These people do not break in – they are willingly allowed to enter the home. This could be your friend, your neighbor or a coworker from the office. It could be a delivery person, it could be a home service provider or even a home health nurse. As you might expect, burglar alarms, while important, do not offer the all-encompassing protection that many consumers believe they do.

Criminal background checks can be powerful tools in your quest for security. They can help ensure that you do not willingly allow a sex offender or murder into your home unbeknownst to you. How can criminal background checks help you ensure better safety for your family? First, you’ll need to understand what criminal background checks are, how they are used and where they can be conducted. Once you know the underlying facts, the security and value offered become readily apparent.

What Are Criminal Background Checks?

The nation is afloat in public records. Freed for general use by the Freedom of Information Act, public records are now available for almost anyone. These records include a plethora of different information, from credit history to marriage licenses, education history to death certificates. It also includes criminal history.

Criminal background checks can be performed utilizing public records, giving you immediate access to anyone’s criminal history. For instance, suppose your son has a friend who lives two doors down from your house. You’ve met the parents and even been inside the home, as any good parent should. You’ve shaken hands with the mother and father of your child’s friend, possibly even enjoyed dinner with them. However, do you really know them? What do you know about their past? Have they ever been convicted of DUI? What is their criminal past like? Even the most pleasant face can hide a terrible past and the nicest people can turn out to be monsters. The old adage “He seemed the most unlikely person…” is very true. Conducting criminal background checks on those with whom you and your family associate is an important step in ensuring the safety that you demand.

How Can Criminal Background Checks Be Used?

Now that you understand the importance of criminal background checks and a bit about how they can be used, you should understand more about their uses. For instance, criminal background checks can be used by businesses, in order to help ensure that those they hire are trustworthy. If you run your own business, this can be a tremendous asset in your quest for profitability and stability within your business.

In addition, companies can make use of criminal background checks when promoting from within, to help ensure that those placed in positions of trust are worthy of that trust. These checks can be used when seeking shareholders, investors and business partners to help ensure that they pose no threats to the health and continued prosperity of the business in question.

Aside from business use, criminal background checks can be put to enormous use within the school system. Can you think of anyone with a greater impact and more influence on America’s youth than America’s teachers and principals? Criminal background checks can help ensure that those entrusted with the education of America’s youth are not actually wolves in sheep’s clothing. A frightening number of felons have already been removed from the nation’s school system and there are undoubtedly more lurking in the shadows.

Criminal background checks can be used in daycare centers, in retirement communities and more. Their uses are almost boundless. These checks offer consumers, businesses, caretakers and more the information required to ensure that any environment is as safe and free from threats as possible. However, not making use of these tools can compromise security and incur enormous costs, both emotional and monetary.

Where Can You Conduct Criminal Background Checks?

Conducting criminal background checks was once almost the exclusive province of businesses and law enforcement officers. However, today, anyone can conduct these checks. All it requires is an Internet connection and the determination to make your environment a safer place. You’ll find that online criminal background checks can be conducted in mere moments, giving you almost instant access to the vital information that you require. Most online providers offer you access to national records and will give you powerful search tools to help ensure a smooth process and the most accurate results.