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The need to conduct a criminal background check is one experienced by every business and a growing number of consumers.  In fact, background check tools are some of the most formidable weapons in anyone's arsenal.  Background checks can be conducted on almost any basis, and provide numerous benefits.  Obviously, businesses make use of these checks during the hiring process and this has been the traditional role of these records, at least in the mind of consumers.  However, they can serve many other needs, as well.  What can they be used for?

Personal Protection – The realm of online dating has expanded and come into its own. Once on the fringes of society and thought of by many as something only Internet addicts might use, today, millions of consumers make use of online dating websites.  However, there are still problems inherent with this situation.  While the website provider will perform identity checks to the best of their ability, it remains impossible for them to thoroughly vet every user of their services.  This means that not everyone you might meet on these websites is legitimate.

You might find some people that profess to be dating but are only out for fun.  You might meet others that are married and lie about that fact.  However, the criminal element is also present.  Identity theft occurs through these websites. In addition, darker, more heinous crimes can also occur.

Imagine that you are involved with a dating website.  You have met someone interesting, who is also interested in you.  This man or woman meets all of your criteria and you mesh on multiple levels. After conducting your correspondence online or via phone for a time, you finally feel that it is time that you met in person.  This is where the danger lies.  Sex offenders, sociopaths, psychopaths and many others lurk in wait in these online dating pools.  However, a criminal background check can help you avoid this problem.

In addition, a criminal background check can help with many of the other situations that might arise. When conducted online, a criminal background check will also yield other information.  This background information will help ensure that the person with whom you are corresponding is who they claim to be.  For example, you will find information about current and previous marriages, about their education and even about their current financial status.  Obviously, these are valuable tools and can help ensure that you make the right choice in your love life.

Family Protection – Yet another way in which a criminal background check can provide benefits is to your family.  If you are a parent, protecting your children, your spouse and your home are at the top of your list of priorities.  However, there are numerous situations that can put this safety in jeopardy.  Consider the number of sex offenders released each year into the general population.  Most of these offenders are relocated to quite suburban areas, much like the one in which you live.  Perhaps you have a new neighbor – that neighbor might be someone other than who you think they are. A criminal background check will reveal the truth about these people and ensure that you do not expose your family to any undue risks.

Of course, you can also ensure that your children are enrolled in the right youth organization with a simple criminal background check or two.  Youth organizations are like magnets for sex offenders and other criminals.  A background check will reveal to you whether or not your child is safe within this organization.

Other people you can vet with a criminal background check include contractors, tutors, instructors, repair and service personnel and anyone else who might come into your home and put your family at risk.  Using modern criminal background check tools is the best way to ensure that your family is safe at all times.

Entrepreneurs – Entrepreneurs can also conduct a criminal background check and receive tremendous benefits.  For instance, these businesspeople often find the need to hire one or two employees, often to handle office functions or accounting.  These individuals can pose a threat to the business if they have ulterior motives and "sticky" fingers.

Through a criminal background check, a business owner can investigate any new employee's background to ensure they do not have a history of theft or of embezzlement.

Of course, other business needs can be satisfied with these tools, as well.  If you choose to take on investors or shareholders, then you will need to ensure they are of the right moral character.  A quick criminal background check will reveal if they have convictions of fraud, theft or other criminal activity.  As with the online dating scenario, these checks will also give you access to other background information.  For instance, you will be able to investigate their current financial situation through their credit history.  You will also be able to determine if they have been part of other businesses that have failed, thanks to these records.

As you can see, criminal background check tools can help to satisfy many different needs, from average consumers to business owners and everyone in between.  Finding access to these tools is imperative.  Where do you turn to access criminal background check resources?  Thankfully, modern technology has given you the answer – the Internet.  Criminal record websites offer you immediate access to the information you require for security and peace of mind.  However, you should never choose a website blindly.  Never assume that all criminal background check websites are the same.  A huge difference exists in these resources, with some constituting very unfavorable options.

What should you look for that indicates a good choice?  Customer testimonials can be an excellent indicator of a worthwhile website.  However, look for testimonials that come from actual users, rather than falsified testimonials put up by the company.  You should also ensure that the company is able to come through on their promise.  For example, make sure the criminal background check website you choose makes realistic promises and that they are actively involved with the community.