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Parents around the nation have numerous causes for alarm.  The practice of releasing sex offenders into local areas has met with unbridled criticism and anger from parents, but still the practice continues.  In addition, the fact that these criminals can lead ordinary lives, with careers and might come into contact with family members, especially children, is frightening indeed.  Background checks can be used to provide tremendous peace of mind.  Background checks can be offer tremendous help in a wide range of different scenarios.  What benefits can they provide?  How can these tools be used?  Here are just a few ways they can make an impact.

Childcare/Babysitting Services – Modern parents are busier than ever before.  Most families find that both parents must work during the day, simply to make ends meet.  In addition, life has a way of throwing curveball after curveball, meaning that parents are forced to spend even more time outside the home and away from the children.  This necessitates quality childcare and babysitting services.  However, studies have shown that these services can harbor criminals, even sex offenders.  Background checks can help parents solve this situation easily.

Parents can conduct background checks on any babysitter/service or childcare provider with immense ease, thanks to online criminal records websites.  In addition, these records can help parents determine what level of threat is posed by the person in question.  Background checks can give parents access to records involving theft, drug use, child molestation, manslaughter, stalking, violent assault and more.  With this information in hand, parents can ensure that their children are placed with a safe service that does not pose any threat.

Home Services/Handymen – Inevitably, parents will find that the very fact of homeownership necessitates services.  It might be in the form of a pool cleaning service, a gardening or landscaping service, a pest exterminator, a housekeeping agency and more.  However, each of these businesses, while providing vital services, also poses a threat to children and families.  Studies have shown that most crimes in the home are not the result of a violent break-in, but are the acts of someone already within the home.  Background checks conducted on anyone entering the home to perform such a service can help reduce this risk.

Of course, background checks conducted on home service providers will also reduce many other risks.  For instance, according to experts, more in-home thefts are the result of cleaning services than are the result of burglars.  Therefore, prior to allowing any service provider within the home, it is imperative that background checks be conducted.

Tutors and Education Help – Many parents find the need to hire a tutor or instructor for their children.  This might be in a school subject with which the child is having problems, or it might be for an extracurricular subject, such as music lessons.  However, these individuals pose a risk to the family, as well.  For instance, several sex offenders have been apprehended posing as tutors and instructors.  This cover gives them the perfect opportunity to become close to children and to be left alone in their company.  Background checks can help parents ensure that the help they bring in for their children does not pose a risk to their life.

Background checks can be performed on tutors and other instructors very easily, using online tools.  In fact, the number of public records that have moved to the online environment is staggering.  Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of this move is that parents can now gain access to interstate public records, rather than having to rely solely on local and state records.  Because online background checks provide access to all criminal records, parents are able to assess the threat posed by any individual they might have to invite into the home.

The trick for parents is to find an online source of background checks that provides comprehensive information.  Numerous websites promise to grant access to an astronomical number of criminal records, but fall far short in reality.  Therefore, parents hoping to protect their children through online background checks should first investigate the reality behind the website providing the public records.

The best way to ensure a quality resource for background checks is used is to study the claims made by the company.  If they sound outlandish and "too good to be true," then they likely are.  Parents are urged to also consider the involvement of the company with the community.  What initiatives or programs has the company started to benefit parents and others in the nation?  A quality public records website offering background checks should offer realistic claims, and should also be involved in making the nation a safer place for everyone.  Choosing any other option can lead to seriously reduced results and deepening problems, as well as incurring greater costs.