All Background Checks are Not Created Equal

Background Check Resources are Not Created Equal

Most people in the US have at least heard of the background check process. Most have been subjected to it at one point in time or another; usually through the hiring process. However, while it might seem that the majority of consumers are aware that background check resources exist, few are aware of how to conduct them on their own and even fewer are aware of how to choose the right provider for their needs. What most consumers fail to realize is that not all background check services are created equal. Not only can making the wrong choice incur needless extraneous costs, but also it can even give poor results.

Finding the right background check provider is essential. Not only will this ensure that you are able to attain the most accurate results possible, but it will help ensure that you do not spend more money than you should. What providers are available for your needs? Where can you turn to conduct a background check? Here, you will find the information that you need to make the correct choice for your needs.

Your Local Courthouse/Records Office

Public records can be found almost everywhere. Naturally, your local courthouse will be one of the first places that you might look. This makes obvious sense, as these record repositories are filled with all kinds of vital information, ranging from marriage licenses to death certificates, divorce decrees, birth certificates, business records, criminal records, trial transcripts and more. Choosing to look here for your background check needs is a logical choice. However, it might not be the best option for your needs. Why should you avoid heading to the nearest county archives? Actually, there are several reasons why this might not be the best choice for your needs.

First, you will have to physically travel to the courthouse or archive location. Obviously, this means that you will have to spend fuel to get there. This raises the costs involved with conducting a background check in this manner. Second, you will have to take the time to do this. As most archives and courthouses are not open on the weekend, you will have to make time during business hours. If you are a consumer, this means that you will have to take time off work. If you are a business owner, you will have to leave your important duties and go. This is obviously not a good scenario.

Next, heading to your local courthouse or records archive will incur other costs. On top of the cost for fuel and the lost time and money at work, you will have to pay for the records that you need. Whether you only pay a fee to copy the record, or you pay the clerk to find the records for you, this is yet another cost on top of a rapidly growing mountain. Lastly, you will find that your access to some information is curtailed – local records do not extend to other counties or states, which certainly reduces the value of these providers when you need to conduct a background check.

Your State Record Archives

Your next thought might be to access your state’s archives and records. This is also a logical thought and, in theory, can provide better benefits than those found on the local scene. However, you will find numerous drawbacks here as well. First, you will have to commute farther to make use of these records. Second, you will find that you still incur the same costs for research and copying of records. Finally, you will find that even state archives are not complete, as they do not provide you with records that span the borders of the state.

Therefore, while you will certainly have access to more records than through local providers, you will not have sufficient information to conduct a comprehensive background check, particularly in the light that more and more people are moving to other locations in an attempt to hide from their past, or simply seeking a better employment environment.

The Internet Offers Help

At this point, you might be wondering just where you can turn, if these obvious options are not suitable for a background check with real benefits. Thankfully, the Internet can be put to use for your needs. You will find that the online environment is rife with background check providers that can ensure that you have access to national criminal records, as well as other important public records. That said, not all online background check services are worth your time or money – and you will have to pay for access.

What should you look for in an online provider? Below, you will find the information you need to ensure you have accurate results and a streamlined process.

1. Honesty – Any online background check service should offer you honesty and integrity. How do you locate a company that offers these seemingly ephemeral things? You should check the company’s reputation through customer testimonials and through online forums. Happy customers are the best way to ensure that the company provides accurate results.

2. Commitment to the Community – Some online background check providers are nothing more than leeches, taking consumer’s money and not giving back to the community at large. However, you will find that other providers do offer an ongoing commitment to the nation through unique initiatives aimed at protecting the nation’s youth, consumers and more.

3. Information – The background check provider that you choose should offer you accurate information. This does not necessarily mean the accuracy of their background checks, though. It means that the provider should offer you accurate information about what the service can and cannot accomplish for you, about their fee structure, their membership requirements and more.

If you locate a background check provider that offers each of these three elements, you will be well on your way to conducting the checks that you need and doing so in an expedient manner. Not only will you gain access to the vital background check services you require, but also you will be assured that you have found the best possible service provider.