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Instant Criminal Records & Background Checks

No nicknames. ex: Rob = Robert Using full names will greatly improve the accuracy of your results. 
No hyphenated names, use either or. If a woman was recently married, you may need to search by her maiden name. 
Select the Matching State Select the state which matches the city you have entered above. 
No nicknames. ex: Rob = Robert Using full names will greatly improve the accuracy of your results. 
No hyphenated names, use either or. If a woman was recently married, you may need to search by her maiden name. 
Current or Previous Select a state where this person has lived. If they have moved in the past year, try a previous state where they have lived. 
/ / Enter Date of Birth Provide this person's date of birth ... or at least month and year. 

Background Checks are Vital to your Operation

IntegraScan knows this ...

The consequences of hiring the wrong employee far outweigh the cost of checking the potential employee's background. IntegraScan's full line of employment screening products help you make the most informed hiring decisions quickly, accurately, and affordably. You will be impressed with the ease of use of our online system that addresses every aspect of the screening process. In addition, every hand-searched background report you order for your company is hand inspected by one of our bonded researchers for accuracy and compliance with federal, state and industry standards. All with the IntegraScan Lowest Price Guarantee. No other screening company can match our pricing, with this level of accuracy and hand checked results.

IntegraScan is a full service background screening company and provides all search options available to your company and the flexibility to create custom profile searches. We pride ourselves in offering a state of the art order interface with functions that are user friendly and functional for the client.

IntegraScan keeps you updated on all laws and compliance issues surrounding your company's employment practices with our compliance department and adverse action procedures you are never in the dark.

IntegraScan business customers enjoy the benefits of scheduling results to run based on a time line of 3, 6 or 12 months. We also provide batch services for those large search runs that saves time and money for your company.

Here is an example of some of the products available through

  • Instant SSN Validation & Address History
  • Instant State Criminal Index
  • Instant National Criminal/Sex Offender Search
  • Instant OIG (Medical Sanctions Search)
  • Instant National Warrant Check
  • Instant National Arrest Record Search
  • Instant Federal Criminal Search
  • Instant Federal Civil Search
  • County Criminal Searches (Delayed - On-Site)
  • County Civil Searches (Delayed - On-Site)
  • Past Employment Verification (Delayed - On-Site)
  • Education Verification (Delayed - On-Site)
  • Reference Verification (Delayed - On-Site)
  • Professional License Verification (Delayed - On-Site)
  • 1-9 E-Verify Employment Eligibility Verifications (Delayed - On-Site)
  • Medical Check (Delayed - On-Site)
  • Motor Vehicle Reports (Driving Records) (Delayed)
  • Tenant Credit Reports (Delayed)
  • Instant Complete Profile Search - Retail is $49.95

All business account clients are assigned a "Customer Care Representative" to handle all of your questions and concerns.

NOTE: Please be leery of any company that claims they will run unlimited searches for one low price as they are scams and have no real coverage at all.

How Can We Help Your Industry?

Employment Screening

Regardless of industry, IntegraScan has the experience and products to ensure that your company gets the results you need to make that hiring decision quickly and affordably and all in compliance with federal and state laws. IntegraScan will outperform your expectations.


Employment screening for the healthcare industry requires special information and compliance to meet the demands of federal and state laws as well as industry regulations. IntegraScan provides the most up-to-date products specialized for the healthcare industry. Medical practice verifications, OIG sanctions, and I-9 verifications are just a few of these special low cost search products available.

Tenant Screening

Tenascan is dedicated to providing the most effective and affordable tenant screening packages in the industry. Landlords with 2 units or property management companies with thousands, enjoy the simplicity of Tenascan's tenant screening solutions. We offer the perfect fit for all of your property management and tenant screening needs. Visit our subsidiary

In-Home Services

If your company sends an employee to a customers home or office, you are liable for their actions. Why take a chance? IntegraScan has many products to diligently check a prospective employees background to help insure your customer's safety. We also have a "Badge Program" for you to display in your advertising to show that you background check all employees.

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IntegraScan has been handling the background checks for our ducting company for over a year now and we've never had a single complain. I wish every one of our sub-contractors was this easy to use.

Matthew Kretsinger

Our company installs garage exhaust hose in affluent residential homes, so we have to background check all employees. IntegraScan is the 3rd company we've used but will be the last. They do a great job. The results are always instant and accurate. They've saved me from hiring several people with extensive criminal background records.

James Grayem


Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida has been using IntegraScan for over two (2) years and we have found that not only their background information is accurate and fast but the customer service you get is excellent.

Eileen Nelson
Human Resource - Accounting Associate
Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida